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    The value of experience.

    At toGuide, scripts stand out for the full surrounding sound design. Voices are accompanied by a full soundscape for a more authentic experience.

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The value of experience.
At toGuide, our audio tour projects stand out for the full surrounding sound design. Voices are accompanied by a full soundscape for a more authentic experience. You, as our client, are welcome to be present throughout the entire process in the recording studio and get to know the person who will be giving voice to your project. We excel through our deep collaborative environment, sharing ideas and concepts even at the moment of delivery of your project.
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The voice of your brand.

The voice over is one of the key features of a good audio tour. You might have a wonderful script, but if the story is poorly told, the listening experience will not be good. At toGuide, we only contract qualified professionals, able to bring a script to life. This doesn’t just mean we only use the best voices, it is also important to choose the appropriate voice for each project, that knows how to tell a story, make the inflexions at the right time and in the appropriate tone. Our customers can even participate in the selection of voices through samples of various speakers considered the most suitable for your project. We work only with top professionals, the choice is never easy, but it is almost certain that the result will be perfect.

More than words.

A voice, no matter how good, cannot do it alone. You must have the right background audio with music and ambient sounds. This is where our sound engineers come into play. They really know how to put an audio tour product together. If there is a particular style of music you would like to use, they will certainly be able to find it since they have access to a vast music library. We recommend music and sound effects in our audio tours because sound evokes images and emotional responses. Good stories and good songs awaken people's imaginations. But much more than music, our sound engineers have other devices at their disposal, using sound effects to complete and/or enhance the visitor experience. All to better tell the story.

Engaging technology.

Few of us can live without the precious help of technology these days. We rely on it to better understand the world around us. At toGuide, things are no different and we are always looking for new technologies to find innovative ways to relate to a visitor or customer. We work with experts on different platforms and communication channels to always offer the best and most advanced multimedia experience. Through toGuide’s audio guides and multimedia, visitors will live out exciting experiences in museums and exhibitions, palaces and castles, in theme parks and fairs, tours in cities or towns. They are challenges with specific requirements that toGuide embraces, always with the user in mind.

How do I apply?

Fill out the form below. We will review the request and contact you as soon as possible to better understand your idea. Then, we will have a conversation with you to get to know each other, talk about other details and explore the spaces/products that you want to promote. We will then present you with an appropriate budget plan for your needs. We guarantee full support and willingness to follow through on the entire process.

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