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    Our Working Method

    To collaborate, explore and ask everything we want to know about your operations and match your expectations and goals with our vision and know-how.

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Analyze each customer's operation to contribute with our vision, experience and proposal.

At toGuide we believe in the power of collaboration. First we learn, explore and ask everything we want to know about your operation, so we can match your expectations and goals with our vision and know-how. Taking a strategic perspective, we will work together towards a single goal. Being proactive, we will find new opportunities and boost the number of visitors.

To choose toGuide as a partner means working with a multidisciplinary team with over 10 years' experience in tourism and operations, as such, we are aware of the specific challenges and needs of each client. We help to create consistent, differentiating products and new business formats, that will give you competitive advantage and access to emerging markets.



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The first step: company presentation meeting.

After contacting us, we will be back at you, in order to acknowledge the goals you want to achieve, which audience you want to reach, outline the site of implematation and to establish the communication strategy. Thenceforth, a manager will be appointed for your project. This meeting will be an opportunity to get to know each other better and to help shape the idea you have in mind, also, it is as a way to answer all your questions.

The second step: technical definition of the solution to implement.

Through our know-how, found on our instruction and experience, we will assist you defining the number of physical deployment sites, understanding whether the equipment usage should be indoors or outdoors, if audiotour activation shall be manual or automatic, determine how many languages should be incoroporated, evaluate the most suitable number of devices to install, among many other details. This step will provide you with the security and comfort you require, as you will be working with experienced professionals and robust equipment.

The third step: project execution.

To implement your project we will meet with you once again to validate the points of interest. We will make an inspection visit to the project implementation site. After that, we will collect the technical and historical data needed to build the script and give it shape (3 revisions included). We'll do one more technical visit for timing testing and send the script for translation. Afterwards, we start to the voice-overs based on your approval. The content is installed on the equipment, functional tests are performed and training is provided to the employees, finally, the project is ready to be delivered. We also give you a two-year warranty on equipment and a one-month warranty on any upgrades or improvements you deem necessary. We will always be available to help you!

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