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    Visitor interpretation solutions for Tourism, Culture and Heritage. Learn about some of the solutions that you could have in your cultural space. Synchronization with video systems, Proximity Activation or simply the classic configuration using signage indications.

For the museum, or attraction that is looking for differentiation and a new way to present information to tourists.
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supraGuide eco.

The supraGuide eco is an audio guide that allows you to run guided tours in several languages. It is distinguished by its ergonomic profile and simplicity of use. It has a keyboard with tactile characters in Braille to help visually impaired visitors understand what is going on around them.

supraGuide multi.

The supraGuide multi is the all-in-one solution for your museum, monument or space. Self-guided visitors can create their own tours with a remote control. Besides listening to informative commentary on selected exhibitions, users can also participate in surveys or questionnaires.

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supraGuide touch.

The toGuide supraGuide Touch allows you to present a product, space or destination by means of image and sound simultaneously. It provides a different experience from the usual one and is adapted to the needs of visitors ever more thirsty for innovation. It is, therefore, an excellent solution for those who want autonomy and freedom.

toGuide AudioCards.

toGuide has developed a new way to sell audio tours: AudioCards. Ideal for museums and tourist attractions. No equipment to manage, completely independent of App Stores and autonomy to manage a stock of cards throughout the year, in this way, adapting to moments of more intense demand.

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