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    The standard for guided tours, industrial tourism and conferences. Request a demo kit now and find out how you can improve your visits. Delivery free in Portugal.

The professional solution for effective communication and better business experiences.
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Rent TourGuide Guided Tours.

TourGuide rental service for private guides, travel agencies and tour operators looking for a quick service and fast delivery across the country with no extra charge. With 40 channels for multiple groups simultaneously and superior sound quality, our system is taken to be the benchmark in the market for TourGuide solutions. Autonomy for 10 days on a single charge.

Rent TourGuide Technical Visits.

Noise in factories disturbs communication and interrupts technical visits, which occur frequently and are activities that are essential to business. To ensure the success of these visits, it is important that the communication process is clear and efficient. This is where the toGuide solution positively contributes and enhances the performance of these visits, providing the necessary equipment for this purpose.

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Rent TourGuide FULL Duplex

The new generation of TourGuide systems. The full-duplex system is the most versatile and recent in the market, offering the ability for the speaker and his audience to communicate with each other. An ideal solution for technical visits, conferences, and brand and product presentations that benefit from interactivity with the public. By simply pressing a button, users can ask questions to the speaker quickly and intuitively.

Rent TourGuide Travel Light

The same quality as always, but with added convenience. The Tourguide Travel Light system is super light, small, easy to carry and with a range of up to 100 metres. It works with just one AA battery that lasts up to 15 hours. With 40 channels it is easy to avoid interference from other TourGuide equipment in the same area.

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