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    Tourism and Accessibility

    Solutions for Inclusion

    Learn how you can have solutions for inclusion in your museum or space: tours for children, for blind people and people with special needs.

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Experiences for everyone

We create tours for visitors with hearing impairment, who benefit from presentations made by native speakers in sign language. For blind and visually impaired visitors, we provide detailed verbal descriptions of the items on display, along with assistance in moving around the space.

Sign language

To communicate with visitors who are deaf, it is not enough just to know a set of gestures and then join them to form sentences and commentaries. To speak to deaf people, it is necessary to talk using the whole body, with expression, emotion and real meaning. The evolution in technology has opened up a range of possibilities and has given easier and better access to experiences that would have been out of the question before.

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Tours for Children

To convey a message to a child you can’t just state the facts.  You have to communicate in a targeted way. You have to think like a child, tell a story, to stimulate through mechanisms that are creative to make sure that it is a successful learning experience.