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    Script Translation

    One language. Various Cultures.

    Translating a script is more than telling a story in another language, the same message has to make sense in the new culture. toGuide knows that this process is not easy, but it is important to recreate texts that reflect the visitor’s own culture.

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Interpreting to communicate.
In the current era of globalization, translation has gained increased importance. Those who venture out into the world - and they are not few - want to live authentic experiences, unforgettable adventures, unravel the unknown without losing the thread. Nobody wants to be left with fragments of the story. Only a good cultural translation allows the story to be decoded in full and to know it from beginning to end.
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It's not just translation.

A translation is more than just finding word equivalents. It has to convey the intended message,   otherwise it has failed in its mission. This is why toGuide scripts are translated consistently, thinking about the origin and destination. And to do this, we have translators who know how to give life to your tour. They capture the essence of each story, adding value and significance, never forgetting the importance of the cultural context in which the scripts are translated, in whatever language. At toGuide, we don’t rely on crutches to get from one language to another. We avoid gratuitous word games, puns and slang, which may work well in the source language, but often fail to find appropriate equivalence in the target language. Failure to be mindful of this could so easily offend a visitor or even given them the completely wrong idea.

Knowledgeable Translators.

At toGuide, we work exclusively with qualified translators, who are selected based on demanding assessment and solid references. Our professionals live and breathe the culture of the language into which they translate. It is this quality that helps improve the audio experience. In addition to this, they have all the information they need at their disposal to correctly convey the specificities of each audio tour.

The difference is in the details.

A good audio guide of a story cannot only take linguistic aspects and a thorough understanding of the cultural context into account. Our translators are more than experts in languages, they know all the technical aspects involved in audio. The length of a sentence, rhythm and the language used are as important as a well-adapted sentence. By producing content adapted by experts, toGuide contributes to the success of the tourist experience. Additionally, we are also contributing to increasing the popularity of the country as an enjoyable and well-prepared tourist destination, while also promoting the products and services of our customers.

How do I apply?

Fill out the form below. We will review the request and contact you as soon as possible to better understand your idea. Then, we will have a conversation with you to get to know each other, talk about other details and explore the spaces/products that you want to promote. We will then present you with an appropriate budget plan for your needs. We guarantee full support and willingness to follow through on the entire process.

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