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    Navilution EVO. 100% Digital.

    Designed to provide audio commentary in up to 99 languages and universal access to all types of passengers, including those with special needs.

Navilution EVO. Up to 99 languages. 100% digital. Built for the future.
Created in partnership with a leading Human Experience agency, Navilution Cortex is designed for non-programmers, offering the easiest marketing methods to organize and manage your audio content, video and music. The Cortex cloud-based service provides secure social collaboration for route creation and management of content, available anytime, anywhere, via the web, desktop and mobile devices. Create, move, and change the content architecture in seconds to better adjust operations to changes in traffic, routes, or changes of direction.
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Navilution Evo. Built for the future.

The Navilution EVO AudioConexus system is designed and engineered to provide audio commentary in up to 99 languages ??and universal access to all types of passengers, including passengers with special needs. Selectors in Braille and illumination designed for maximum visibility, even under direct sunlight, make the Navilution Evo the system by which others compare themselves. It is the best choice for operators looking for maximum system stability, accessibility guaranteed to all passengers, content management via Cloud and the export of usage statistics.

Sound experience. 100% Digital.

In addition to digital audio and 99 channels available to add hundreds of different combinations of languages, topics and routes, Navilution Evo comes equipped with TrueTime Passenger Analytics, meaning you can analyse and share statistical information about the passenger profile in terms of languages most used, peak use and most popular routes. Language selectors in Braille and LED lighting designed specifically for maximum visibility, even under direct sunlight, make the EVO the only system in the market designed with easy and universal access by all types of user in mind. With the TrueTime Passenger Analytics functionality included in all Navilution Evo units, planning operations can easily be improved, as can the identification of growth opportunities and the sharing of valuable information between departments.

No HUBS or pushbuttons.

Navilution language selectors have been designed to last. With no moving parts, push buttons or plastic film coverings, susceptible to wear. They are designed for all types of users such as children, adults, seniors and individuals with special needs. We use touch technology, rather than mechanical pressure to interact with the selector. The "More Information" button opens up new opportunities and creates an additional layer of information at each point of interest. It can be used for marketing campaigns, for information on advertising partners or to inform in more depth and detail on a specific point of interest, adding a new opportunity to experience the tour. Only lighting up when the "More Information" option is available, this button allows you to customize content and interact in a more personal way, in a sector considered Mass Market. Make your customers feel understood, valued and included, offering additional levels of commentary in multi-lingual audio.

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