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    TourGuide Travel Light System

    TourGuide Travel Light.

    Could your visits or presentations be even better? Of course they could! With the TourGuide Travel Light system - light, simple and perfect.

The standard for professionals looking for lightness, sleekness and finesse in their service.
Weighing only 70 grams and with an autonomy of 15 hours, the TourGuide Travel Light system is ideal for circuits where portability and comfort are crucial to offering a quality service. The 42 unit-carrying case is a key and differentiating factor from other TourGuide models also available from toGuide.
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Comfort and professionalism.

Thinking about your customers’ comfort and image, toGuide offers the TourGuide Travel Light system. This tour guide system allows you to make your presentation or visit simply and efficiently. These are super lightweight, small and practical pieces of equipment, but with a range of up to 100m. They work on rechargeable batteries that last for up to 15 hours, and they can be programmed with up to 40 channels, so you can divide your group if desired, or share with another guide using the same devices.


Guaranteed differentiation.

The TourGuide Travel Light is not only more functional for the guide or presenter. This equipment is also much more enjoyable for the public, since it is more elegant and discreet, and can be transported more easily, with a more sophisticated image. You will be able to make an impression on your customers, who will be pleasantly surprised by the performance of this new device.


Natural and sleek.

With this tool, you will be able to communicate with the same quality as always, but with added convenience. Whether it is for guided tours or displaying items you will always be able to convey your message clearly, flawlessly and free of noise. Now add to that the fact your equipment is practically invisible, and you know your presentations will be natural and sleek.

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