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    supraGuide eco.

    Thin, light and easy to use, supraGuide eco is the ideal partner to organise a guided visit independently and effectively. For every taste, for every need!

The ideal answer for those who want to provide visitors with everything and without complications.
Upon arriving at the museum, monument or site your customer will be presented with an innovative product that will allow them to get the most out of your space. You have the option to program it in several languages to better meet the needs of visitors. Invest in this innovative product and see the difference in terms of simplicity and versatility.
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For all needs.

The supraGuide eco is an audio guide that resembles a super simple television remote control, light and practical. With this solution, visitors can tour independently and spontaneously. Thanks to its slim form factor, the supraGuide eco is comfortable to hold and easy to use. Moreover, it has a keyboard with tactile characters in Braille to help visually impaired visitors understand what is going on around them. Hearing aid users may receive audio with the help of HAC headsets – hearing-aid compatible.

Functional and advantageous.

This audio guide allows guided tours in several languages. It is distinguished by its ergonomic profile and simplicity of use. The visitor will hear the story you want to tell, using headsets that will be the key to getting your previously defined message across efficiently and clearly. It is, therefore, the perfect solution for those who want to provide an affordable, comprehensive and uncomplicated experience.

Energy efficiency.

supraGuide eco’s hardware and software architecture, with energy efficiency, makes this device a great saver of electricity with superior performance. Thanks to its slim design, the audio guide is extremely ergonomic and simple to use. You will have access to a charging station for your supraGuide eco Guides, be able to transfer data to them and adjust them to the languages ??you require, in order to meet your customers’ needs.

How can I rent?

Fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible. We will send you a TourGuide KIT, free of delivery costs, anywhere in the country. The kit is always made up of the exact number of radio receivers you need for your group, plus a transmitter for the Tour Leader. You will also receive an extra receiver and transmitter free of charge, as well as disposable headsets and alkaline batteries that provide 10 days of autonomy when used 8 hours per day. The cost of the service is always tailored to your needs and the amount of equipment you require.

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