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    SupraGuide multi.

    A new way to visit places of tourist interest and offer innovative visitor experiences. For everyone, and for all needs: video, audio and Braille.

The multifunction product that will allow you to get tell more and tell it better!
The supraGuide multi is a very complete product since it makes guided tours possible in any space using audio, sign language and Braille. As well as this, it also has the means of introducing surveys to measure the quality of the product, space and service. Tell us what your idea is and we will help you get it off the drawing board.
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Versatility and multi-functionality.

The toGuide supraGuide multi is the perfect guiding system for all applications. The high-resolution colour display shows images, videos and graphics in superb quality, so that visitors can access a wealth of visual information. The optional group guidance system makes the supraGuide multi tour guide highly versatile. Visitors can ask questions during the group tours, thanks to the bidirectional interface. The supraGuide multi is the all-in-one solution for your museum, monument or space.

Integrated Vibration and autostart.

Self-guided visitors can create their own tours with a remote control. Besides listening to informative commentary on selected exhibits, visitors can also participate in surveys or questionnaires. A vibration function allows visually impaired visitors to be alerted regarding the availability of commentary, and the Braille system on the keyboard gives autonomy and independence. The activation technology is started automatically or else the visitor can trigger the start signal at a certain identified point.

SupraCharger charging station.

The supraGuide multi is chargeable thanks to an easy-to-use charging station that comes included in the Kit. You can charge and store up to 20 audio guides simultaneously. For large projects, supraChargers can be connected in series to charge up to 3,000 media guides at the same time.

How can I rent?

Fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible. We will send you a TourGuide KIT, free of delivery costs, anywhere in the country. The kit is always made up of the exact number of radio receivers you need for your group, plus a transmitter for the Tour Leader. You will also receive an extra receiver and transmitter free of charge, as well as disposable headsets and alkaline batteries that provide 10 days of autonomy when used 8 hours per day. The cost of the service is always tailored to your needs and the amount of equipment you require.

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