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    supraGuide touch.

    Explore new ways to innovate and offer new ways of presenting information: through videos, sign language and interactive maps. toGuide develops the solution from conception right up to the implementation of the project.

The ideal resource for those who want to show their customers bold, avant-garde visits/and exhibitions!
Today’s customers want innovation, quality and flexibility. And you will find all of that in supraGuide touch. It is a way of guiding tours which is different, functional and suitable for various types of visitors, including people with hearing difficulties, who through the video, can view the message in sign language.
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Autonomy and Freedom.

The supraGuide Touch from toGuide allows you to present a product, space or destination by means of image and sound simultaneously. Customers can view and listen to an interactive presentation at their own time, through audio/visual equipment, similar to a mobile phone. As the visitor moves through the points of interest, supraGuide touch will recognize the places where they pass and provide the right information. It is, therefore, an excellent solution for those who want autonomy and freedom.

Modernity and freshness.

The supraGuide Touch from toGuide provides a different experience from the usual one, adapted to the needs of visitors who are ever more thirsty for innovation. With this equipment, customers can listen to the information from the audio-guide while seeing the person who is giving the information at the same time. This person, although real, is seen on the screen, passing the information about what the customer is visiting. This mode allows visitors to gain knowledge at their own pace and in a personalized way. This product is also ideal for creating integrated solutions for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, offering access to culture and all the knowledge to which they are entitled.

Interactivity and agility.

This guided tour system, specifically designed for indoor visits, is incredibly practical, lightweight and easy to use. The visitor picks up the equipment, turns it on and chooses their preferred language. Then all they need to do is just watch and/or listen to the message being transmitted while visiting the space. The visit may be scheduled according to a predefined path, or so that the visitor can "walk" the place at will. Whatever method is chosen, this device will allow your customer to get to know the product, space or destination in a self-sufficient and uncomplicated way.

How can I rent?

Fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible. We will send you a TourGuide KIT, free of delivery costs, anywhere in the country. The kit is always made up of the exact number of radio receivers you need for your group, plus a transmitter for the Tour Leader. You will also receive an extra receiver and transmitter free of charge, as well as disposable headsets and alkaline batteries that provide 10 days of autonomy when used 8 hours per day. The cost of the service is always tailored to your needs and the amount of equipment you require.

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