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    Simplified AudioGuide.

    No delivery and collection logistics. Immediate returns and independent of App Stores.

The new AudioGuide service option for museums and cultural sites that want simple and fast logistics.
AudioCards from toGuide come in the form of a PVC or biodegradable card with a QR Code and an access scratch code that needs to be scraped by the user to be revealed. The visitor points with their phone at the QR Code and is directed to a web page that asks for a code. Introducing it will give access to the AudioGuide. The whole experience takes place in streaming format.
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Agile and fast

Managing an audio guide service has maintenance costs associated with it. Human resources could be better used to play a more task-oriented role for the visitor, rather than managing equipment and delivery, deposits and documentation. The toGuide developed for museums and tourist attractions is a new way to sell audio tours. No equipment to manage, completely independent of APP Stores and autonomy to manage the stock of cards throughout the year, adapting to moments of more intense demand. With a  CMS platform (content management system) dedicated to your organization, you will be able to update content in real time, export usage statistics, add new languages, photos, videos with sign language, thematic tours and tours for children.

How does it work?

Unlike an App, customers only download to their devices the points they really want to hear. It is not necessary to make a full download of an APP that would take up memory space and then be cleared at the end of the experience. Once customers leave the web page, the contents are deleted from the device, keeping it33 protected from unauthorized sharing. AudioCards from toGuide are a tangible product with a quick sales process and at the same time, need no maintenance or management of deposits and documentation from visitors. Best of all, you can freely adjust prices and business strategies.

Direct return and without commissions to App Stores.

AudioCards can be sold and distributed in countless ways. Learn here how to monetize in the way that best suits you:

  •  Include an AudioCard along with the ticket;
  • Sell ??at cost price; sell AudioCards with a profit margin;
  • Offer as a means of promoting and at specific times of the year.

How can i know more?

Fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible. We will send you a TourGuide KIT, free of delivery costs, anywhere in the country. The kit is always made up of the exact number of radio receivers you need for your group, plus a transmitter for the Tour Leader. You will also receive an extra receiver and transmitter free of charge, as well as disposable headsets and alkaline batteries that provide 10 days of autonomy when used 8 hours per day. The cost of the service is always tailored to your needs and the amount of equipment you require.

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