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    Virtual Reality

    The world you will explore.

    Virtual Reality solutions for products, spaces and destinations. Ideal for innovative promotion and exponential development.

The appropriate solution for spaces and companies wishing to position themselves at the forefront of new technologies.
Virtual Reality is a technology that allows an interactive experience between a person and an operating system through 3D graphics capabilities or 360º video. The aim is to simulate a situation and enable you, through techno logy, to feel as if the experience were real. The experience is more authentic the more you invest in the quality of equipment and the development of software, which toGuide guarantees.
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The solution of the future. The action of the present.

In a world as competitive as today’s, it is important to always be one step ahead to ensure the satisfaction of your customers and stand out from the competition. Communicate with new generations and deliver a product for everyone. Virtual Reality allows you to see what eyes cannot, to teleport people and offer moments of true happiness. With this solution, you can add value to visits, to museums or monuments, optimize product presentations and create interactive experiences in key destinations. The toGuide Virtual Reality & 3D Solution is the tool you need. It's time to innovate, it's time to change!

Virtual image. Real experience. 

Images displayed in virtual reality goggles are not real. They are produced by the most advanced technological means in order to represent a specific situation. The quality of the technology used in this type of programming is so high that the experience becomes real. The toGuide Virtual Reality & 3D Solution is still the best option for customers/disabled visitors, who may finally overcome the physical barriers which they have encountered so far.

Safe process. Endless possibilities.

Your customer’s safety and an experience that exceeds their expectations is our priority. Therefore, just idealize your project and contact us. We will develop a product in line with your proposal and one that your customers will never forget. All of our activities are designed to engage every one of the visitor’s senses and make them feel part of the action as it unfolds before their eyes.

How can I rent?

Fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible. We will send you a TourGuide KIT, free of delivery costs, anywhere in the country. The kit is always made up of the exact number of radio receivers you need for your group, plus a transmitter for the Tour Leader. You will also receive an extra receiver and transmitter free of charge, as well as disposable headsets and alkaline batteries that provide 10 days of autonomy when used 8 hours per day. The cost of the service is always tailored to your needs and the amount of equipment you require.

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